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  • This Town Came Up With A Brilliant Way To Mock Neo Nazi Marchers & It’s Hilarious

    The recent surge of racial hatred is quite disturbing. The audacity of racial hate activists in the unfortunate events, like that of Charlottesville, has shocked us to the core. However, by sticking together for love and humanity and with a few smart tactics we can certainly put down the hate groups for good. Author and activist […] More

  • NASA Asked Twitter For Messages To Send Into Space For Aliens & Twitter Delivered

    The 40th Anniversary of Voyager I is coming. And the Voyager is a testament to humanity’s will to stare down the unknown. And as a way of celebrating such an accomplishment, NASA has decided that they will beam an uplifting message into the unknown. The message itself will be selected from the submissions people make […] More

  • 20 Gender Swapped Cartoons That Actually Look Better Than Original

    Ever wonder what your favourite cartoon characters would look like if they had the other gender? Me neither, but apparently someone did. And they also happened to be good enough at creative artwork to bring these ideas to life. They’ve changed the gender of cartoons such as Bevis and Butthead, and the Powerpuff Girls. No, […] More

  • 30+ Disney Characters Re-imagined As The Opposite Gender Will Give You Life

    Disney is the inspiration and goal for a lot of artists. We grew up watching movies, hearing stories, and just all round living in the entertainment that is Disney. So when some of us became artists, it was inevitable that we’d pay homage to it in one way or another. Sometimes, what we do is […] More

  • 10+ Cats Who Got Stung By Wasps And Bees And They Look Hilariously Concerned

    What’s funnier than a silly Scottish fold and a squished faced Persian? A hilariously concerned cat, stung by wasps and bees. Bee stings are not an unusual occurrence. Especially if your cat has a relish for the outdoors. If your cat is stung by a bee, you must seek veterinary help immediately! Here’s what your cat […] More

  • Disney’s New Photo Campaign Is Breaking All The Princess Culture Stereotypes


    Princess Culture is a topic we need to address. Most of it is stereotyped. Most feminists believe that this culture leads to little girls believing in gender roles at a very early age. They claim that it leads to girls thinking that acting feminine is the only option they have. Even though that is true […] More

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