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  • How To Annoy People In Different Countries

    Have you been wanting to annoy people of different countries, but don’t know how to? Whether you’re looking to upset the French, Germans, Japanese or Mexicans, the artist behind the webcomic Things in Squares has compiled a colorful guide for your convenience. Cale’s humorous illustrations are the best way to go about it. Despise the […] More

  • Microsoft Is Killing MS Paint And Everyone On Twitter Is Sharing Their Masterpieces

    Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the popular drawing app in its upcoming Windows 10 update. After more than three decades, the software giant finally decided to kill off its legendary Pain program. The software giant marked paint as “deprecated”, adding it to a list of applications and features that may be discontinued from […] More

  • Woman Savagely Shuts Down A Scammer And The Conversation is too hilarious

    Tired of scammers flooding your inbox? Well, so was this woman. Learn how to get rid of scammers the right way from her! A scammer by the name of Stephen Masumbo recently chatted up a woman who was absolutely done with his crap. She scammed the scammer in the most savage way possible; You need to […] More

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