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  • 19 Incomparable Dads Who Definitely Win at Fatherhood

    Dads have their own way of raising kids and showering immense love. Though most of the mothers won’t approve of “dad’s methods,” still they are kind of adorable in their own way. We have collected some of the exemplary works of awesome dads who have shown that no matter what they will do everything to […] More

  • The princesses of the wastelands by petarsaur

    Disney princesses have always been famous for their kindness, caring nature and their ability to sing to animals and make them clean their houses. Whilst these are all notable skills, they aren’t exactly things that you would consider useful in an apocalypse. Surely, the princesses wouldn’t be able to survive for long in a world […] More

  • 19 Little Disney Movie Details That Will Blow Your Damn Mind

    Disney has always liked to sprinkle their movies with fun little details and Easter eggs, either to hype up future movies, hype up fans or perhaps it’s just to show off how clever they are. Whatever they do it for, we all love them for it and fans have spent hours searching each individual movie […] More

  • Mom’s Before And After Pics Prove The Scale Means Nothing

    Taking good care of your health is a great thing. But unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there when we try to get in shape. We are always concerned about the reading on our weight scale but guess what it really doesn’t matter. To prove that a fitness blogger and a […] More

  • 38 Times Kids Did Completely Innocent Things That Looked Dirty To Adults


    Childhood is a wonderful time, isn’t it? Everything is brand new and exciting and you just want to try out everything. However, while it may be a wonderful and innocent time for you, the people around you probably won’t be thinking the same thing. For kids, some things they do have no hidden meanings at […] More

  • 20 Reasons Why Thigh Gaps Are Straight Up Dumb


    Thigh gaps are a thing Many girls have an obsession with attaining it. They believe that the length of something, (specifically the area between their thighs) matters, just like guys. Some can’t attain it no matter how hard they try, and others can’t shake it no matter how many attempts they make. Nevertheless, it persists […] More

  • 23 Disney Channel Facts That Will Make You Think Back On Your Life In Slow Motion

    Everybody loves Disney channel. Believe me, Disney Channel was the best thing that ever happened in your life as a kid. They offered cartoons and other shows for everyone’s taste. Your life was probably complete in your younger days when you came sweating back from school and sat in front of the TV just to […] More

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