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Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

  • 10+ Puppies On Their First Days Of Work That Will Make Your Day

    Dogs are famous for being man’s best friend and that is what most dogs spend their lives doing- just hanging out, being friends with their humans whilst slobbering over furniture and chewing the odd shoe every now and then. However, for some dogs they have a much bigger calling. They help to serve by being […] More

  • 10 Pets Who Were Caught With Their Hand In The Cookie Jar

    Cats and dogs are smart. They’re actually very, very smart. So much so that they know exactly how much intelligence to train you. After all, they know a few words in the human language but you don’t know a single word in meow or woof. That being said, every pet owner knows how crafty their […] More

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  • 15+ Black Cats That Are Secretly Toothless In Disguise

    Black cats get a lot of bad rep. It goes back to when witch hunts were a thing, and people looked at black cats like they were bad luck. They were kicked, and hurt, and bullied, but times have changed. We’re no longer as superstitious, and most of us know that black cats are basically […] More

  • 10+ Wholesome And Hilarious Comics About Living With Cats

    Dogs and cats are drastically different. In essence, I suppose it would be that dogs make no effort to hide their love for you whereas cats pretend that it’s entirely accidental that they’re in the same room as you most of the day. We’ve already covered what it’s like to live with dogs, specifically a […] More

  • 10+ Times Dogs Were Caught Doing Hilariously Weird Things

    Dogs are furry, loving creatures. Unlike cats, who pretend that they do not, in fact, love you, and that it’s just blind luck that they’re in the same room as you 24 hours a day, dogs are more open with their affection. They tell you that they love you, they show it, and often times, […] More

  • This Texas Woman’s Heartwarming Gesture To Fulfill A Promise To Her Dog Will Make You Cry

    Relationships flourish with gestures of love and kindness towards each other. Nothing is more beautiful than a loyal friend and dogs that happen to be our best friends so far. Their irresistible love and unparalleled loyalty are one of its kind. And for all that love that we get from them, it’s just fair to […] More