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Art, like life, should be free, since both are experimental.

  • 10+ Paintings That Perfectly Illustrate the Crazy World We Live In

    Art. It is a word with a whole lot of very different meanings, and too many different people, it has different purposes. One of the things people most commonly say art is for is to make an impression and inspire emotion, whether that emotion is shock or wonder. That is the view of artist Waldemar […] More

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  • Korean Barista Creates Famous Artworks Inside A Single Cup

    There’s a special kind of skill to be able to create art. But, there’s an even rarer ability to recreate art in a different medium. One such artist from South Korea who has his own Cafe creates this beautiful pieces in cups that just leave you in awe. He can mimic Van Gogh and many […] More

  • Russian Artist Carves Old Coins & Give Them A Modern Twist

    The art of coin engraving is called hobo nickel. One Russian artist, Roman Booteen, is an absolute master at it. He likes using old coins because they were made out of layers, and let him use different textures. His work is absolutely mind boggling. It’s hard to comprehend that it’s hand made and actually real. […] More

  • Animals From Disney And Other Animated Movies Reimagined As Humans Looks Absolutely Amazing

    Animated movies have a certain flair. They’ve got charm, and the characters have personality and depth. There’s a lot of effort that goes into every single frame of the sequence, and since it doesn’t require an actor to fully show himself, it’s cheap too. Nevertheless, one of the more charming parts of those movies are […] More

  • 10+ Incredibly Relatable Comics About Daily Life That Will Make You Say ” Can Relate “

    Relateable Doodles is an artist. She creates these amazing, full of colour comics about daily life and it’s so amusing and well drawn that she’ll leave you wanting more. Her art style is attractive, colourful, and vibrant. Because of that, she boasts over 160k followers and posts comics every single day. Source of all images […] More

  • 15+ Easily Hidden Tattoos For Everyone Who’s An Undercover Rebel

    Everybody Has A Secret Rebel Hidden Deep Within Them. Some people might like to get very visible tattoos. That is fun; however, some individuals are not ready for that kind of commitment. Getting a tattoo is also a thoughtful decision, one that requires some serious consideration. A very obvious tattoo can also limit your job […] More