Category: Cats

  • These Snapchats Show How Funny Cats Really Are

    Cats are funny little creatures. Sometimes they do the most random and dumb stuff; it’s actually hilarious. Our furry friends have a habit of acting like they are gods, but then again, they lick themselves clean. Usually when I open Snapchat, most of the snaps there are of cats and dogs. That’s what I do […] More

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  • How To Turn Your Cat Or Dog Into A Japanese Samurai

    Samurai Age just created something I didn’t know I needed till now. Cats and dogs in Samurai armour. I’m not kidding. Samurai Age is a Japanese company that creates suits of armour for your pets. It’s fashion that will never go out of date. And the best part is that you can order one for your […] More

  • This Cat-Sitter Got The Perfect Guidance By Her Employer On This Note

    Looking after someone else’s cats isn’t easy. You don’t only have to remember which cat is which, you have to memorise all their separate personalities. All cats are not the same. They prefer different types of food. Some like belly rubs, some don’t. Some like a good scratch behind the ear, some don’t. It’s complicated. […] More

  • ‘Utter Bastard Cat’ Gets Hilarious Memo For Adoption And Everyone Loves It

    This is Mr. Biggles, formally known as Lord Bigglesworth. Recently, the Cat People Of Melbourne rescued a full-blooded tomcat named Mr. Biggles. He also goes by the more cordial alias Lord Bigglesworth. Put up for adoption on PetRescue; he has his own hilarious memo describing the sheer terror that is this “Utter Bastard Cat.” He is […] More

  • A Single Pussy Can Turn Your GrandDad to A Joyful Kid And You Have a Dirty Mind

    Photography is a wonderful hobby, and sometimes it can change the life of people or captures their life in the most unexpected ways. Some photographers like to capture landscapes, others may take an interest in more beautiful objects chiseled by nature itself and we call such photographers as a female model photographer. Then there come the world’s […] More