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  • 10+ Funniest Comics Depicting Work Life Vs. University Life

    University life is very different from life in the outside world of work- as a university student who has held a real job, I know that to be very true. Everything from what you eat to the way you talk to people has to change and at times the differences can be… well, bizarre to […] More

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  • 10+ Hilarious Illustrations About Deciding One Thing And Then Drastically Changing Your Mind A Second Later

    Elvisa Isabella Rose is the artist behind a series of webtoons In her illustrations, she depicts a very odd trait that we all have. When we promise to do one thing, but end up doing the exact opposite. “I promise I’ll eat healthy.” Later: “Hi, yes, I’d like to order two large double bacon cheeseburger supreme. […] More

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    10+ Secret Comics Made By A Girlfriend That Went Viral The Moment They Were Uploaded

    I’m sure you’re familiar with Catana and her comics. They’re popular, relatable, and just incredibly endearing. Her art style is simple and sweet, and the messages she includes in them just warm your heart. She creates new ones regularly, and many, including myself, can’t wait to see them. With over 320K followers on her instagram, […] More

  • 5 Comics Of What People Think Millennials Are Like Vs. What They’re Actually Like

    People have some strong opinions about millennials They’re considered lazy, spoiled, and privileged.  But every issue has two sides. These comic strips, made by Karina Farek for CollegeHumor shows the side of the millennials. Each generation has their own set of issues, and every generation, this one, the one after, and the one before, complained about it. […] More

  • 15 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Almost Too Real

    Brian Gordon is the artist behind Fowl Language While the comics involve little profanity, they certainly are hilarious. They revolve around ducks (hence fowl) and they’re absolutely hilarious. As a father himself, Gordon  knows what it’s like to deal with children, and he’s even created some comics inspired from his own life about parenthood. He stated: “My […] More

  • 15 Situations Every Girl Can Relate to

    From confusing period pain to literal death, there are many situations girls come across. Most of them aren’t exclusive to their gender either. But some definitely are. Such as: Nevertheless, Brightside illustrated a bunch of situations that almost everyone can relate with! #1 Buying groceries #2 Misjudging the weather #3 Learning to say no #4 […] More