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  • 10+ Times Students Had The Most Awkward Interactions With Their Teachers

    Teachers seemingly only exist in school. It’s an otherworldly experience if you find them someplace that isn’t school, doing un-teacher-like things such as grocery shopping or visiting the dentist. Has that ever happened to you? Did you catch sight of your math teacher not drilling polynomials into your head and actually… Flirting with his waitress […] More

  • 20+ Awkwardly Tiny Things That Can Smash Your Fragile Emotions

    Ever feel like your emotions were devastated over something minuscule? Maybe you saw a dead fly that you felt sorry for. Maybe you were looking for your favourite sock, only to find that it has a hole in it now. Or that dog that said hi to you on your walk that you’ll never, ever […] More

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    10+ Highly Offensive Comics That Will Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing At Them

    In this special snowflake world, it is almost impossible not to offend someone. But you know what’s fun? Purposely offending people. That is exactly what Irwincardozo Comics do. The highly offensive comics are so brutally hilarious, you’ll just want more. Take a look below and enjoy yourself: See more: Facebook | Instagram   #1 We […] More

  • 10+ Hilarious ‘Adventures Of God’ Comics That’ll Make You Go To Hell For Laughing At Them

    You’ve Probably Heard Of God. Whatever your religious views, you know God. However, you have never seen God like what Matteo Ferrazzi and Corey Jay imagine God to be like. You see, they are Brussels-based illustrators who thought it would be a good idea to make God act like an ordinary human being. I am not sure […] More

  • 20 Comics You’ll Incredibly Relate To If You Worry Too Much

    Do you get anxious and worried very fast? And usually over silly things? Some concerns are real. But, many might be unnecessary. Because shit gets real when you’re a worrywart. Things like, “what if I fail?” and “what if I can’t pay my bills?” go through your head all the time! Likewise, the thought of […] More

  • 11 Pure AF Pet Comics That’ll Make Your Heart Explode

    Did you need your heart today? Well, too bad! You’re gonna get a dozen cute, wholesome comics about furbabies and it’s gonna make your heart explode! If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know how fond you can grow of them. Whether it’s fish, snakes, cats, dogs, or even chicken. Buzzfeed artist Loryn Brantz made the most […] More

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    10+ Brutally Hilarious Comics That Take Unexpected Dark Turn

    The Perry Bible Fellowship are a perfect blend of funny and macabre. First ever comic strip was made in 2001 by creator Nicholas Gurewitch. They first became a regular in the Syracuse University newspaper The Daily Orange. It’s got a lot of dark humour, but is done so in such a whimsical way that you can’t […] More

  • 9 Comics Showing Why Women Are Basically Fairies

    The laws of nature do not apply to women. For example, there’s nothing to eat in the fridge, but your mom can go in an pull out a seven course meal from it. And she’s got everything in her purse, even though there’s no way all of that stuff fits. Lastly, she knows exactly where […] More

  • Her Long Distance Relationship Ended So She Drew It To Keep The Memories Alive

    “I was happy the whole time I was with that person, so I wanted to draw them so I wouldn’t forget.” Comic artist, SisiwAko dealt with heartache in the only way she knew – comic art. Moreover, In the powerful comic, SisiwAko entrancingly expresses her feelings. She used the art of comics for turning her heartache into heart-rending illustrations. […] More