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  • 15+ Black Cats That Are Secretly Toothless In Disguise

    Black cats get a lot of bad rep. It goes back to when witch hunts were a thing, and people looked at black cats like they were bad luck. They were kicked, and hurt, and bullied, but times have changed. We’re no longer as superstitious, and most of us know that black cats are basically […] More

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  • 19-Year-Old Makeup Artist Channels Her Inner Disney Princesses And Disney Villains In Her Looks

    Makeup has always been a powerful tool. Women have used it to hide their flaws and enhance their perfections for decades. And now, they’re using it to become something else entirely. Kimberly Money, a 19-year-old from Vietnam is using her art skills to channel her inner Disney princess. As well as her inner Disney villain. […] More

  • Artist Creates Adorable Anime-Style Disney Princesses And It’s Going To Make Your Heart Burst

    Giulliano Ricchi is a huge fan of Disney and anime. I know because her instagram features the cutest, most wonderful combination of the two. She only has around 5000 followers, but deserves so much more! Her ability and style work wonders together, and there are far more wonderful things to see on her account. You […] More

  • Here Is What Will Happen To Disney World During Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma has been causing quite a stir in Florida. Florida might not be the best place to stay during the hurricane. Walt Disney World previously planned to stay open during the storm, but plans have changed now. They recently announced on Friday that they’d be closing the parks this weekend due to Hurricane Irma. […] More

  • Aladdin Fans Are Furious Over The New White Character Added For No Reason At All

    The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that a new character has been written for the upcoming Aladdin live–action film and he’s already created quite a spur. Billy Magnussen, who is already well known for playing unlikeable characters like Rapunzel’s Prince in Into the Woods, Nicky Sloane in Ingrid Goes West, and Kato Kaelin in American Crime […] More

  • 15+ Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Disney That’ll Make Any ’00s Kid Laugh

    The early 2000s was Disney Channel’s golden age. Shows since then are good, but they’re not our childhood. The Suite Life, Lizzy McGuire, High School Musical, those were the shows that shaped half our personalities. And Tumblr has the funniest posts about them! Just look. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 […] More

  • 10+ Times The Internet Brutally Roasted The Hell Out Of Disney

    Many Things In Disney Don’t Make Sense. Which is inevitable since there have been so many movies and there is bound to be some mistakes. However, you might argue all of the following things have been added in the movies intentionally. Well, whatever your thoughts on the matter. Just sit back and enjoy the 10+ […] More

  • This Artist Turned Popular Disney Characters Into Anime And The Result Is Beautiful

    Disney Characters Have Literally Been Turned Into Everything. Yes, that even includes imagining them as babies. However, seems like nobody had made our favourite characters into Anime. Don’t know why that is since everything has been given the Anime treatment lately. Even Pokemon’s. An Italian artist Angela Vianello did justice to our favourite Disney characters, however. As each […] More