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    High School Students Dressed As Pop Culture Icons For Their Book Photos & All Of Them Are Iconic AF

    High school can be a real pain. It’s an emotional wreck, a lot of your life is defined by what you go through during high school, and not always the way you expect. It’s the building blocks for your future, and that’s often a large burden to bear. Michigan’s North Farmington High realised what it […] More

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  • 10+ Times Students Had The Most Awkward Interactions With Their Teachers

    Teachers seemingly only exist in school. It’s an otherworldly experience if you find them someplace that isn’t school, doing un-teacher-like things such as grocery shopping or visiting the dentist. Has that ever happened to you? Did you catch sight of your math teacher not drilling polynomials into your head and actually… Flirting with his waitress […] More

  • 10+ Things Vegetarians Are Totally Sick Of Hearing Again & Again

    People have the right to stand up for their beliefs. Everyone is entitled to spend their lives as they deem fit. However, in this world, if your beliefs are not mainstream, you will be treated harshly. Eyebrows will be raised and questions will be asked. An interesting survey was conducted by the Buzzfeed community.  Vegetarians were asked, “what […] More

  • 10+ Most Hilarious Things That Have Ever Been Said In Court

    Courtrooms and their cases are generally a very serious business. Although, there are a few witnesses, attorneys and judges that unintentionally add humor to the not-so-humorous courtrooms. In any case, it makes for some great comedy! Charles M Sevilla has spent a lot of time in court. Recently, he wrote a book with dozens of hilarious […] More

  • 10+ Times Dogs Were Caught Doing Hilariously Weird Things

    Dogs are furry, loving creatures. Unlike cats, who pretend that they do not, in fact, love you, and that it’s just blind luck that they’re in the same room as you 24 hours a day, dogs are more open with their affection. They tell you that they love you, they show it, and often times, […] More