Tumblr Posts Explains In Detail How Many Girls Are Abusing Their Boyfriends

Relationship abuse is a real problem and many people understand that.

However, they usually think it applies to something like a black eye or a broken nose. Psychological abuse is abuse too. We might think, those little comments don’t hurt but they can leave much more horrible scars than physical abuse.

However, people have started to become more aware of relationship abuse. But, people usually point the finger at the guy as he is the one in the wrong. Most people only see the signs of physical abuse. Emotional abuse usually goes unnoticed.

You don’t see girls going to jail for emotional abuse do you.? But, you can see plenty of guys going to jail for physical abuse. A Tumblr user understood this problem. That’s why they posted about the abuse many guys go through everyday.

You might even have a friend that is going through this right in front of your eyes. But, you might have just ignored it by laughing. This is no laughing matter however, and can leave long term scars.

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Their post soon vent viral as many people started sharing the post.

Some even related to it. It has almost 290k notes so far and still growing. People are sharing it everywhere, as to shed some light on the very real problem that many guys go through.

Some girls might have done some things on this list without even realizing it. And, If you did then its time to stop and apologize. We usually just ignore the emotional abuse inflicted on guys by saying ‘ He is a guy, he’ll be fine.’ Or, we might even look at it as funny antics. All the while if that happened to a girl. The same people would do something about it.

Via Tumblr

Many people started to add more points as to what these teen girls do. The post just keeps on growing. As it should be.

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  1. I am 50 years old..and i dont date much amy more..partly because this sort of crap is endemic..nearly pandemic. It makes me sick.Sure women want a guy so stable and strong that she can rely on him as a comfort when she goes through anything..even the simplest things…but..Hey..a relationship is mutual trust.He has to also feel completely safe to open up his heart to her too.We arent naturally great at opening up our heart genuiniely to just anyone..and surely not whole heartedly if she doesnt display territory conducive to trust. I have watched guys bigger, tougher, hard assed..roughian..go so meek because Their girl slaps him around..Meek I say because He just stands there and takes it.Yeah..sure..ok..we are stronger and handle pain differently.
    But if you think this doesnt mess up our heads your straight out wrong.I watched him be reduced to a woosey..because she belittled, degraded, spoke down to, embarrased him in front of friends, family (both sides),unsupportive, disrespectul in every way.We need you to do what women can do for men best..Stand by your man..be the driving force of strength behind him..have his back..love him in spite of our obvious flaws(we do that for you instantly)..dont use you..um..leggs as manipulation.All this creates tensions, saps our resolve..makes us look for shelter other places..other women..or to hang out with the guys over you..Our view of your beauty fades away left only with the ugliness of your actions..can also create a space where men might snap and hit you back.
    Respect, understanding who we are.. supporting us AS who we are..no manipulations..is what we want eben.more than sex.*believe it or not*.
    We want to showboat our women because YOU make us proud in public or in front of friends-family.
    When you give Him Strength..He will give you his life.
    Yeah..he’ll die for you..ya gotta know that.
    He’ll give you anything you want…if you fully respect, support and Get Him.
    Cut the crap..and dont play the ,”I can hit you but ya cant hit me” game.
    And dont complain if you get a dotted eye after repeatedly abusing Him.we can.only take so much.

  2. Ok, so, sometimes I do ONE of the things on this list. However, I’ve never dated, so it’s among friends. I spam them if they don’t reply, but only with good reason. Most common reason: I think something is wrong and I want to make sure they’re okay. Second most common reason: I’ve lost them, please come back, I can’t forage in this large grocery store. Am I a terrible person?

    • For the first one, I’d say yes. Because even if you do it consciously or unconsciously, you’re using your anxiety as a way to force other people to be on their tip toes around you. And that’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s a very bad thing. I wouldn’t call you a terrible person for doing that, but I would call it a terrible thing to do, even if you can’t help it.

  3. I don’t agree with the blowing up his phone part. I don’t consider that abuse at all. How is spamming your boyfriend abuse? We want his attention and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t reply, we’re spamming him because we love him and want to annoy the fuck out of him. It’s not emotional abuse, it’s called showing affection. That’s none of my business, though.

    • I am female, and I’ve been spammed by women and men… It makes me not want to talk to the person. I get so annoyed and angry at my phone I don’t even touch it for hours because the notifications just piss me off. So, like, for example with my husband. I wish him a good morning when I wake up. If I find a picture, story, anything that makes me think of him. I share it. If I have a question I ask him and wait… I don’t assume his life revolves around me and I stay busy myself, so he doesn’t get upset either when he calls or texts and it takes me awhile to reply. So I don’t need to send 10 messages of “How are you? Are you there? Why aren’t you replying? What’s going on? What the fuck are you okay?” or the “Hi, 2 minutes later, Hey, 5 minutes later, Hey, what’s up, 6 minutes later, How are you today? 5 minutes later, Are you angry at me?” because I’m secure enough in my relationship to not need to “show affection” through smothering which is what this article is referring to with spamming and abuse.

    • Everyone knows guys abuse women. That’s why you have thousands of women only abuse shelters. People don’t think women abuse their boyfriends, even though it’s a statistical 45-55 split with women being abused more often, as well as the fact that there are a handful of men’s only abuse shelters, and maybe a hundred officially for both genders, but male domestic abuse victims will tell you that they don’t accept men.

      So yeah, guys abuse women, but it’s far more important to talk about women abusing men.

  4. What if the man in the relationship is the person causing the so call abuse during a long period of time. Wouldn’t it be then called an expected abuse so that he would get the attention of the female by causing more problems for her.

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