10+ Pics That Reveal How The Same Products And Images Look In The West Vs. Middle-East

The Middle-East is radically different than the West

From language to culture to society to religion, everything is incredibly different. Even behaviour and values. What one considers normal, the other considers backwards. So it makes you wonder how one item looks in another.

For example, you can’t really imagine women wearing miniskirts in the Middle-East, but there are definitely companies selling clothes there. So how do they look? How do they sell them?

Well, unsurprisingly, the answer is both fascinating and strange. It’s almost saddening, but I prefer to look at it as a study of differences. The most common theme is that the females are often more clothes in products and images in the West than they are in the Middle-East.

There’s definitely a degree of censorship, and it’s just a curious thing to see.

#1 Pool advert replaced woman with a balloon, faces are blurred, and everyone wears clothes.

#2 #1’s by Mariah Carey.

#3 Lotus by Christina Aguilera


#4 Oral Fixation by Shakira


#5 Nevermind by Nirvana

amazon.com , discogs.com

#6 Struipped by Christina Aguilera

#7 Oops! …I did it again by Britney Spears

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#8 Do What U Want by Lady Gaga


#9 Butterfly by Mariah Carey


#10 Bangerz by Miley Cyrus


#11 Floaties are censored by sharpie


#12 Artpop by Lady Gaga


#13 Britney Spears Greatest Hits: My Perogative

amazon.com , coolsboi

#14 More Than A Woman by Toni Braxton


#15 Scream If You Wanna Go Faster by Geri Halliwell

#16 Justin Beiber’s Purpose got a great makeover

#17 Gisele Bundchen’s Ad Campaign for H&M

#18 Self-Named Album by Jennifer Paige

#19 Light Years by Kylie Minogue

amazon.com , eil.com

#20 #1’s by Mariah Carey

discogs.com , discogs.com

#21 The Remix by Lady Gaga


#22 Hard Candy by Madonna


#23 On The 6 by Jennifer Lopez

amazon.com , moaksey

#24 Hot by Melanie B

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#25 Perfume Ad in Kuwait by Rhianna


#26 Clarks Ad in Kuwait, no knees plus headscarf


#27 My Everything by Ariana Grande


#28 One Of The Boys by Katy Perry


#29 Abriendo Puertas by Gloria Estefan

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#30 Laundry Service by Shakira

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#31 Back cover of Speak Now by Taylor Swift

amazon.com , Susie of Arabia

#32 Circus by Britney Spears

amazon.com , susiesbigadventure.blogspot.lt

#33 Self-titled Album by Mariah Carey

#34 Self-titled Album by Britney Spears

discogs.com , zurbi

#35 The Art Of Letting Go by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

#36 Glitter by Mariah Carey


#37 The Heat by Toni Braxton


#38 Unpretty by TLC


#39 Flogging A Dead Horse by Sex Pistols


#40 Unapologetic by Rhianna

amazon.com , hotMCfan

#41 Rainbow by Mariah Carey


#42 Emotions by Mariah Carey

#43 I’ll Be There For You by Solid Harmonie

#44 Huge Ad With A Blurred Woman’s Face


#45 Self-titled Album by Shakira


#46 Hasna – Bamba


#47 Self-titled Album by Demi Lovato

amazon.com , abi

#48 She Wolf by Shakira

amazon.com , discogs.com

#49 Blurred Marie Claire magazine


#50 Fever by Kylie Minogue


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