These Hilarious Tweets Will Make Your Sides Hurt No Matter What State You’re From In America

The way you feel about your state,

Is a lot like how you feel about showering. When you’re not in it, you don’t feel like going, when you’re in it, you don’t feel like leaving.

That’s what these people showed us. Coming from all over America, they made hilarious tweets first showcasing everything wrong with their state, then why they’ll never trade it for anything.

It’s kinda cute.

#1 Texas

Twitter: @tomas_portier

#2 Florida.

Twitter: @snreifschneider

#3 Massachusetts.

Twitter: @tsmoochiewall

#4 Maine.

Twitter: @haydrodrigue

#5 Ohio.

Twitter: @sthrvs

#6 NOVA.

Twitter: @jeremygsmith1

#7 Maryland.

Twitter: @jordank1230

#8 Delaware.

Twitter: @sydneykenton

#9 Chicago.

Twitter: @kndagreat

#10 Utah

Twitter: @SashaPSmith

#11 New Jersey.

Twitter: @all_HAYL

#12 Pennsylvania.

Twitter: @AbbyFugh

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