10+ Moms Who Will Leave You Groaning With Laughter

Let’s all just agree, right here, right now, that dad jokes are the worst. How many times did your “Dad, I’m hungry” receive a “Hey, Hungry, I’m dad!”?

I’ll tell you how many times.

One too many.

For that reason, (And perhaps also because the following jokes are just funny as hell) I dedicate this article to the mum jokes!

#1 The mum that understands religion


#2 Sarcastic teenager requests Jesus riding a stegosaurus for his birthday cake


And the motherĀ delivers

#3 Mormons insisted to talk to the mother


Mother insisted that they help her garden first.

#4 The mums collectively mocked their stadium selfie


You know what’s better than one mum joke? Four mum jokes.

#5 Mum proved that she knew her son was gay before he did


Looking flamboyant as always.

#6 When people say “parents can’t text” show them this

#7 Drunk mum arranges potatoes in order


One potato, two potato, hot potato- WINE!

#8 This guy’s mother knitted him and his cat matching ties


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