This Perfect Picture Of 16 Dachshunds On Stairs Is Awe-Inspiring

Perfect shot of 16 dogs?

If this teenager hadn’t posted a picture of his 16 dogs, I wouldn’t have believed this miracle. After all, it is near impossible to get the perfect shot of one pet, let alone 16. However, this guy managed to do the impossible with his 16 dachshunds, and it truly is awe-inspiring.

It all started when a friend of his challenged him to take a perfect shot of his 16 dogs and that was impossible, but this guy managed to prove his friend wrong and in the process made a perfect picture. His friend Catherine promised him chocolates, and I think he earned a lot more than a few chocolates.

Scroll on below and take a look at Liam’s great work.


Just look at this picture perfect image.

His post went viral in only a few hours.

Then again, what else can you expect from the Internet?

“My friend Catherine challenged me to try to get all of my lots sat on the stairs for a photo.”

“She said, “I bet you can’t pull it off,” so I thought “challenge accepted.”

“She also promised me a box of chocolates if I managed it. She set me that task on Friday morning.”

“10 minutes later, I had a photo. It took me eight minutes in total. I timed myself.”

His secret? A tennis ball behind the camera.

It’s amazing the amount of positive reactions I’ve had because sometimes people are judge-y about the amount of dogs I have.

But I haven’t had any negative reactions to the picture at all and I’m amazed by how many people love it. It is really lovely to see.

-Liam Beach

Do you think you can ever top a photo like this? Comment down below and let us know.

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