7 Giant Crazy Real Things That Look Straight Sci Fi, Son

#1 Sibera’s DUGA Radar looks like an Anti-Kaiju Wall

Duga Radar

Have you watched that awesome Idris Elba flick, Pacific Rim? In it, there are giant creatures that come from a different reality under the ocean. They create these giant walls to keep them away from the coast. Well, these Duga Radars which were Russia’s over-the-horizon early warning system for its anti-ballistic missile network. It’s also called “The Russian Woodpecker”.

#2 The Edwards Air Force Base is the quietest in the world

US Air Force While it initially looks like the final boss level of some hack n’ slash video game, it’s actually the inside of the Air Base. Those spiky things on the floor, ceiling and walls are soundproof pads. It’s quiet for a reason. The Air Force uses the bunker as a way of checking instruments and seeing if there are any problems with the craft.

#3 LA’s Anti-Drought measurements

Photograph by Gene Blevins, Daily News/Zuma Wire/Corbis

Because California experiences droughts so often, they have decided on a bizarre way to prevent it in the future. They unloaded almost 100 million of these plastic balls willingly into their water reserve because it prevents algae growth and hinders evaporation. It just looks like California has millions of alien eggs in their water.

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