Amazon Is Selling Face Masks With Exagerated Human Features That Will Keep You Up At Night

What did the poor guy do to deserve this?

I get that sometimes a bit of silliness doesn’t hurt anyone, and you can have a little bit of fun with your dog, but that doesn’t mean you can put them in these bizarre face masks that will scare children and will cause them to fear dogs which is never a good thing.

I know you might think that I am over-dramatic (when am I not?) but what is the use of these exaggerated face masks? Face masks for dogs are used so they don’t bite or eat something unsavory, but these are just too weird.

Then again, what else would we expect from Amazon? Scroll on below and get ready to have many sleepless nights.

Source: Amazon (BUY HERE)

These are the nightmarish face masks.

source: amazon

If it was a regular human face, it might have been funny.

source: amazon

But this just scares the hell out of me.

Even the dog is confused.

One word: No.

source: amazon

It looks even weirder when the dog is moving and blinking.

Luscious lips.

source: amazon

Why wouldn’t you add the yellow teeth?

Or maybe buck teeth?

All that dog needs is a cigar.

The spoof masks are made from latex.

And while it may not look like it but they do have two ventilation holes.

The ventilation doesn’t look great, but what can you expect?

And most people have the same reaction.

That isn’t a total lie.

However, some people did love the masks.

And for some, it reminded them of other things.

Are you sure you meant to say funny, not scary?

I somewhat agree with this person.

What about you? Do you think it is okay to strap your dog into this contraption? Comment down below and let us know.

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