Angry Mom Accidentally Texts 35-Year-Old Guy Instead Of Her Daughter, And Things Escalate Quickly

Everyone’s had their fair share of crazy.

Whether it’s crazy girlfriends, or crazy exes, or even, crazy parents. But have you ever had to deal with a crazy stranger? If you’ve ever worked in customer service, probably, but at least you know you signed up for that. You’re being paid to deal with that crap.

Can you imagine being forced through that and not be compensated for it? Well, unfortunately, you don’t need to imagine, because someone’s gone through it on your behalf. Someone with the username velakskin on imgur recently uploaded a set of thirteen images. These images are merely screenshots of texts that occurred on Monday, April 24th.

The woman is a mother of an eighteen-seventeen year old Jess, who she thought she was texting. Think that’s bad? It gets so much worse.


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