Artist Who Illustrates Daily Life With Wife Announces That They’re Expecting, Illustrates The Struggles Of Conceiving It

Parenthood is indeed the most significant part of a person’s life!

The feelings and emotions that come along with the news of you finally becoming a parent are often hard to express. It’s just that much of a beautiful moment! Of course, this comes with tons of responsibilities and requires you to make a lot of sacrifices, but the result is rewarding and is worth all the struggle!

The whole journey of you becoming a parent is full of unexpected events and surprises, but of course, there’s always a starting point – getting pregnant. And that’s exactly what we will focus on today as we talk about the Artist Yehuda Adi Devir and his wife, Maya. Yehuda is a Tel-Aviv-based artist who is previously seen making illustrations about everyday life with his wife.

So recently, the couple decided to tell their fans that they’re having a baby, so they came up with a comic strip and illustrated everything in step by step process! Scroll down and check it out.

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“I think she’s ready.”


“Ovulation Operation”


“That Art of Seduction”


“The Period”


“No Pain No Gain”


“Baby Potion”


“Human mattress.”


“We’re pregnant!!!!”


Here’s the happy couple!


And as expected, the Internet couldn’t stop congratulating and expressing their endless love for the couple.

People from all around the globe conveyed their lovely messages to the lucky couple!

Yes! I second that. Let’s hope they make another comic strip and show us moments through pregnancy!

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