Artist Explains Bisexuality With Super Cute Cat Illustrations

Bisexuality and the associated false notions.

We are in the year 2019, and people still find bisexuals odd. I mean, yes they have different preferences when it comes to a particular aspect, but the real question is, are we actually going to consider them ‘different’ because of something as irrelevant as a personal choice?

If we start writing down the false beliefs people have for bisexuals, we would definitely run out of ink. “You’re bi? You must have cheated on your partner,” “Are you looking for a threesome? You must be into it,” “You’re a bisexual? You must be more prone to STDs,” “Bisexuality isn’t even real, what are you on about?” and the list goes on.

So, if you identify as bi, you can probably relate to what we are saying here. But don’t worry, not everyone is thick in the head, a whole lot of people understand and respect other’s choices, which is why we are happy to introduce you all to Jessie Paege. Paege is an LGBTQ activist and an illustrator who joined hands with Paws Of Pride and came up with the following illustrations to clarify some of the biggest myths related to bisexuality.

Scroll on below and check out the cute illustrations that will speak to you on a different level.

Via @pawsofpride

We are not what you think we are.

Nothing we do is on purpose.

Our decisions are crystal clear.

We are not 50/50.

It’s a choice, not a dilemma.

This is not a “phase.”

It’s meaningful.

Here’s how pawsofpride acknowledged Paege’s efforts.

We just want to spread love.

And end the hatred.

More the merrier, right?

Two is always better than one.

This is so cute and full of meaning.

It works this way.

And also the other way. That’s what makes it beautiful.

Love comes in all forms. Let’s stop complicating love and enjoy it as it is.

Here’s how people responded to this beautiful illustration.

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