Artist Revamps Disney Princesses In A Brilliantly Realistic Way

How can someone be so perfect all the time?

The answer is that nobody can be perfect all the time. And yes I am well aware that Disney Princesses are just animation and that they are not real people. However, when I was a little kid, they were real to me, and I looked up to them, but then I realized I could never be as perfect as them.

That is probably why these illustrations are just perfect for all the people who want to see the ‘other side’ of Disney Princesses. Like how would a normal person react in their situations?¬†Andhika Muksin is here to answer all of your questions.

So scroll on below and take a look at Disney Princesses portrayed in a very realistic way.

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#1 A whole new world.

#2 Power of H2O.

#3 He forgot the drool.

#4 Netflix and chill.

#5 Video call.

#6 Snapchat face swap.

#7 Selfie angles.

#8 Seaweed accessory.

#9 Air traffic.

My history with Disney goes way back. It all started with a VHS tape of Alice in Wonderland I received as a birthday gift when I was about 5 or 6. I was obsessed with it. I would watch it almost every single day after school. Not long after that, the Disney Renaissance era started, the obsession became a bit out of control and cemented my status as a Disney fanboy.

-Andhika Muksin

#10 Tight skin.

#11 Cool mom.

#12 Pizza for days.

#13 The first bite of an apple.

#14 Not all pictures are perfect.

#15 From the ashes.

These characters have stuck with me since childhood, so it kinda came naturally for me to make fan arts of them. But instead of “remaking” them in my own aesthetic style, I put a naughty twist on them. Over time, as I kept posting my Disney stuff, I noticed that more and more people re-shared them on their Instagram, and I got more and more positive DMs and comments as well. So I guess people liked them.

I think that Disney characters blend into our everyday lives so well because lots of people, including myself, grew up with them. These characters are constantly revitalized through wide arrays of innovations. From Broadways, Disneyland rides, merchandise, and now Live Action remakes. These things brought them to iconic status. So I guess they blend so well with our everyday life because they are so well known.

-Andhika Muksin

#16 Bloody needle.

#17 When your friends tell the truth.

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