Artist Illustrate Comics That Raise Public Awareness About The Abandonment Of Pets

Abandoning your pet is the worst thing you can do to them.

I mean, from your pet’s perspective you mean the whole world to them. For instance, let’s talk about dogs. Have you ever noticed how excited your dog gets when you come home? Or how sad your doggo is when you’re leaving home for work or something else? We mean the world to them and they can’t even imagine life without us.

Just considering the amount of unconditional love they give us, we already know we don’t deserve them. So, anyone who just decides to abandon their pet without least bit of hesitation is clearly a cold-hearted monster. Now, you may think that all of this is only in theory and that not many people abandon their pets in real because why would anyone adopt in the first place if they are just going to leave soon?

It really doesn’t make sense. But, you’d be surprised to know that each year in France more than 100,000 pets become homeless in summer when their owners are going on holidays. Yep, that’s right. Instead of taking their pets with them, they heartlessly leave them on the streets. Some of those pets end up being euthanized while others die of starvation. The so-called ‘animal-lovers’ don’t even bother handing over their pets to proper shelters, they basically just leave them to die.

To stop this from happening, several activists have started campaigns to spread awareness. One of the most effective projects so far is called “Summer Adventures” by artistic director Nicolas Amiard. ‘Summer Adventures’ illustrates our childhood comic characters in a way that makes us realize how painful abandonment is.

Following is a fragment of Amiard’s impressive work so scroll down and take a look.

The Simpsons






Mickey Mouse

Boule & Bill


Lucky Luke

Do you think this will knock some sense into people? After all, what else will hit people hard other than characters from their childhood? Leave a comment below and share your views with us.

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