This Guy Dresses As Batman And Rescues Shelter Animals Is A True Hero

Some heroes actually do wear capes!

Everyone, meet the real Batman that the world needs!

This is the 27-year old Chris Van Dorn, who is using the persona of Batman to help and save shelter animals from euthanasia. Chris used to volunteer for animal rescue organisations around Orlando, Florida, and that’s when he knew what he was going to do from that point onwards.

At first, Chris would help poor animals anonymously by taking up the character of Batman, but when GoFundMe declared him as their ‘Hero’ in May the whole world got to know what Chris was doing.

Heres’ what Chris had to say:

“As a child, I looked up to the values that superheroes such as Batman reflected and thought that would be the perfect vessel to embody the spirit of goodwill. Thus, the crazy idea of Batman4Paws was born. I would help rescue animals in need anyway I can, all while dressed as the Dark Knight himself and becoming a symbol for helping those in need.”

“To make my dream a reality, I established Batman4Paws as a non-profit organization to rescue and transport dogs, cats, and other animals in need to forever homes, no-kill facilities, and foster homes throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Transports are done personally by me (Batman!) using any means necessary, although I prefer to fly.”

Now, let’s take a look at our hero, shall we?

Instagram | Batman4Paws

Here’s the generous Chris Van Dorn aka Batman! His life mission is to rescue animals and help them find a forever home!

Instead of the high-tech Batmobile, our Batman uses a Honda Accord to rescue animals.

However, he hopes to upgrade his ride one day so he can work more efficiently.

“I would help rescue animals in need any way I can”.

Our Batman usually works in the vicinity of his home in Orlando, Florida, but if need be, he never backs away from helping animals no matter wherever they are!

“Once a transport day is set and the furry friend has all their paperwork, he picks up the animal in need and brings it to safety.”

Not only does he save rescue animals, but he also encourages people to adopt more.

“I would say I’m just the middleman,” said Chris while talking to media. “The real heroes are the people giving these dogs a good, loving home.”

So, tell me. Is he the best Batman or what?

Let us know what you think of this awesome Hero below!

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