10+ Before & After Pics Of People Who Defeated Anorexia

In our modern world, there is a lot of pressure on people to look perfect and to have the perfect body.

This image can be very damaging and for many people, it leads them on a downwards path towards anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder and is often driven by a desire to lose weight. It causes people to either stop eating or eat very little and it can be life-threatening if it carries on for too long. However, for anyone who is going through this hell, there is hope.

Here is a long list of many people who have gone through the nightmare of anorexia and came out fighting. Regaining their weight helped them to regain their lives and mental health and with help, they took back control of their bodies. Here are their stories, to prove to all sufferers that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to get some help and support. You can do it!

#1. Margherita Barbieri became anorexic after being called ‘Thunder Thighs’ at ballet school. Now she is a healthy and happy dancer and looks amazing after her recovery.


#2. In the worst days of her anorexia, Hannah’s BMI was just 11. After being rushed to hospital in Austria, she was able to recover and is able to enjoy food again.


#3. Connie was able to fight her anorexia with the help of the people around her and is now at a healthy weight.


#4. This woman went from dangerously unhealthy to this picture of health. Shows she is strong both inside and out.


#5. Danny Walsh became anorexic after obsessing over being the best football player on his team. After four months, he was able to get help and put on the weight he needed.


#6. Elle Lietzow came a long way to look like this. Before she wouldn’t even let water pass her lips. Now she has succeeded in enjoying life.



#7. Matthew Booth’s anorexia got so bad, he died for 20 minutes. That was the wake up call he needed to take back his life which he has now done successfully.

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#8. Linn Stromberg was previously living on less than 400 calories a day and was in serious danger of having a heart attack. Since taking up weight-lifting, she is happier than ever before.


#9. Megan Jayne used to hate her body. Now she has embraced it and looks almost completely different… and much happier.


#10. Kaitlyn Davidson used to weigh less than 37kg but she has since powered through and made an amazing recovery.


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