Tumblr User Calls Out “Fake Service Dogs” For Problems Actual Service Dog Handlers Are Having

It seems people do not know the difference.

While I get that pets can be very important for some people and their emotional well-being, most of the time it isn’t ‘necessary’ to take your beloved pet everywhere you go. Especially when that place does not allow dogs. However, many claim that their dog is a service dog when it clearly is not.

Now, you might think that what’s the big deal? It isn’t affecting anyone negatively is it? Well, that is where you are wrong since it can affect the people who have real service dogs. So scroll on below and take a look at this Tumblr user who tries to explain how it affects everyone.

Source: Imgur

While any dog breed is able to be a service dog, this woman is clearly lying.

This is how one scenerio can affect other people who come after with actual problems.

Service dogs aren’t supposed to cause a rukus while on duty.

This is how it can negatively affect everyone, and yet people don’t seem to get that.

Moral of the story? Just don’t lie. It’s as simple as that.

And the sad thing is not many people know about it.

And it seems most people agree with what this user is saying.

I saw one yesterday at MD Anderson CC hospital, of all places. I could tell at a glance, it was on a long leash, ranging all over the place. Just a little, cute, fluffy, Malti-poo or something. Not like the two I saw in the cafeteria, one a seeing eye dog, (yellow lab with harness) the other a true service dog, (golden retriever).

You could tell by their behavior, just as described above. They are going to ruin it for everyone. They pretty much have for plane travel.


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