Bisexual Guy Publicly Thanked The Person Who Supported Him The Most Years Ago

Coming out is never easy.

You have to expect a lot of criticism, hatred, and possibly even violent behavior from your loved ones. The people you thought of so highly might turn their backs on you, disown you, and ridicule you for your choices. But that’s just a part of the sad and painful reality, so you must hang tight and stay strong.

A lot of times, people don’t have anyone in their immediate circle who back them up, support them or even accept them, but at some point, along the way you WILL come across someone who will not judge you and will treat you the way you should be treated—with nothing but absolute love.

If you are going through something similar, I want to tell you that you are not alone and that you deserve every bit of the good in this world and you deserve to be happy. You WILL find people who will love you, unconditionally. Hardship is a part of life so sit tight; good is coming your way.

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With that said, take a look at the story below about a guy who decided to publicly appreciate that one particular person who had his back in the worst of time. The story below is sure to inspire and give hope to anyone going through a hard time. Take a look!


Growing up in Church.

Conversation Therapy.

Unlikely union.

Here’s the best part.

“We gotchu.”

Just when he thought he was all alone and he should just kill himself, he found his guardian angel.

Slowly, he realized he wasn’t alone.

Thank you, Quincy. You are a hero!

After reading the thread, here’s how people reacted.

I guess we’re not the only ones crying.

We surely need more people like Quincy in the world.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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