These Fitness Bullies Got What They Deserve In Spin Class

Gyms are not ‘exclusive’.

Even though it may feel like gyms are only for people who are insanely fit, but it’s quite the opposite. A gym should have a supportive community no matter what level in your fitness journey you are at. But instead, people love to brag about their abs to the ones who are only just beginning.

That is exactly what these bullies were doing, and it even went on for months. You might expect that this story is set in high school by the way these bullies were acting, but they are actually full grown adults. So scroll on below and take a look at this sweet story.

Source: Reddit

Damn, she spoiled the whole story.

Then again, not everyone has time to read the whole story.

These trendy boutiques can fall into the gatekeeping trend.

At least the instructor seems like a nice guy.

Just because you are more fit doesn’t give you the right to harass other people.

This is definitely not a ‘supportive community’.

He seems like a great gym instructor.

Really? That’s the reason?

The OP even tried being nice.

But that obviously didn’t work.

Many of us want to say something but end up being quiet.

It’s fine to feel good about yourself.

Why am I not surprised?

Dumb move, never use any names.

These two are made for each other.

That was very nice of OP.

It seems you finally got your revenge.

And it’s not like the bullies didn’t deserve it.

Well, good luck on your journey!

I don’t think the world is ready for that.

I think most of us have or have had a Valerie in our life and he/she loves to make you feel smaller so they can rise above you. All I can say is that never let other people get you down as that is what they want. Keep your head high and move on.

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