Artist Illustrates Candy Heart Comics That Depicts Reality Of Modern Dating & Relationships

Talk about some dark comics that will make you think twice!

While these may not be necessarily what you’re expecting, these comics will, however, show you the harsh realities of life. But, it’s not that simple as these realistic and dark comics are served in the form sweet heart-shaped candies! Yes, you got that right. All thanks to the cartoonist Tommy Seigel who created these awesome comics by portraying them as Necco’s ‘Sweatheart Conversations Hearts.’

If you don’t know what these are (which is highly unlikely) these are the all-time-classic heart shaped candies by Necco. Now, while we expect the quotations in these sweet and delicious heart-shaped candies to be lovely and cute, they are written with a dark twist instead. These short “messages” accurately describe what it’s like to date in 2019.

So, scroll on below and take a look!

Tommy Siegel | Instagram

Inner desires.

Overlooking the obvious while protecting against the inevitable.


Putting up a facade.

Everyone’s damaged in different ways.

Creepy and sad realities of the modern-day.

Unchecked behaviour problems.

Listening to speak and not to understand.


Too caught up to keep a check on what’s right in front of you.


Subtle hints.

Different intentions.

Accurate representation.

What everyone wants to do but no one wants to say.

The usual formalities.

Public display of affection Vs most of the world.


The naked truth?


Same issues in different ways.

Did you get enough of these realistically dark and funny comics? Let us know in the comments below and also share your thoughts with us!

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