10+ Famous Cartoon Character You Never Realized Are Probably Gay

#10 Mr Simmons

Queer-coded mannerisms and behaviour, Mr Simmons is Arnold’s 4th grade teacher who was shown to love a man called Peter. Their relationship was never explicit, but was confirmed by the creator.

#11 Francine and Muffy.

Fans believe their relationship to be akin to “opposites attract”. And since Francine puts so much effort into sports and drums, it’s hard for viewers not to think it’s because she’s frustrated of being in the closet.

#12 Raven.

Many LGBT viewers saw themselves in Raven. She’s got a dysfunctional relationship with her parents, feels alien around other normal people, not to mention is crazy uncomfortable in her own skin.

#13 Gaston.

Hypermasculine Gaston surely can’t be gay, can he? I’d agree with you, if he didn’t need to boast about how much of a man he is on a daily basis, and need such obvious reaffirmation for his heterosexuality. Fans definitely believe that.

#14 King Candy.

Based entirely on his mannerism and doily clothing, fans think that the tyrannical ruler of Sugar Rush is more than just a corrupt politician.

#15 Scar

It might be because of the voice actor’s posh British accent, but viewers find his mannerisms and voice to be the kind of the old queer characters. Not to mention he spent his entire time with a male bird once he was king rather than any lioness he wanted.

#16 Captain Hook.

Captain Hook has been created and recreated numerous times, but his iconic flamboyant self which he takes immaculate care of. Do you know any straight men who take such an incredible care in their appearance and clothing?

What do you think? Are the fans right or are they forcing it? Discuss!

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