Special Cat With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally Finds Forever Home And We’re All Happy For Her

He finally found his forever home.

There are a lot of cats at the shelters, and that is probably because most people tend to go for little kittens when adopting or many just straight up buy them from the store. And while I understand that kittens can be absolutely adorable, cats need some love too, especially the ones with some problems.

For example, meet Toby and his brother Quinton, Toby has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which means that he has sensitive and loose skin while Quinton is missing all of his teeth. Now that doesn’t make them any less desirable, and they genuinely do look aww-worthy in the following pictures.

Following is the story of how this one couple decided to adopt these two even though they had never heard of Toby’s skin condition.

Source: Instagram

This is the infamous Toby.

And both of these felines even have their own Instagram account with over 12k followers.

Georgina Price and her fiance Christopher Lardner are the ones taking care of these brothers.

“I just kept thinking about all the animals that might only have five months left and would spend the whole of that time in a shelter.”

“We decided we would look for an extra special cat that might take a little longer to find a home.”

They had taken care of a 16-year-old cat before who was close to her end, but they wanted her to have a loving home.

“We found them on the RSPCA website when they were looking for a home.”

“They’re a bonded pair, the RSPCA advertised them together. And we thought if we can help two cats rather than one, then that’s the best possible outcome.”

“At the beginning, they were both terrified and huddled right at the back.”

Toby just hid behind Quinton the whole time, trembling.

“They were just so scared and were living under the bed for weeks, but food and love eventually got them out.”

Now they own the place. They just do whatever they want and act mad when you turn the light on if they’re asleep on the bed or something.

“Toby’s biggest problem is probably us trying to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or cleaning his wounds (he hates that).”

We’re fortunate that his condition seems to be mild and we manage it very easily.”

“His skin is just weaker than it should be, so he gets lots of tears, especially around his neck and head.”

“We’re always telling him off for scratching or cutting his nails to reduce the chance of injury.”

“However, You can see he just thinks ‘leave me alone; I can take care of myself'”

“He seeks Quinton out to help him clean himself so Quinton will lick his face and head, particularly any cuts.”

“He loves belly rubs and will plop himself next to you and look at you, waiting for you to rub his belly.”

It doesn’t take any more to love them and despite whatever it is that may make them ‘special needs’, they are still beautiful animals with their own amazing personalities, likes, dislikes, and the ability to love you back.


Hopefully, this can urge people to adopt the animals who desperately need a forever home, however long that may be for them. What do you think?

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