This Artist Just Re-Imagined Cats As Marvel & DC Superheroes And Everyone Needs To See This

Cats as DC & Marvel Superheroes? I’m down!

Though cats are insanely adorable as they are, cats in costumes are just 100x cuter and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! I mean, isn’t it cool when your cat is walking around the house in your favourite superhero costume? I mean, I would 100% make that happen.

In the past, many artists have Re-Imagined cats as different comic book characters and guess what? This time isn’t any different. You see, an Indonesian artist and freelance illustrator Fajareka Setiawan has recently pictured cats as our favourite comic book superheroes, and I have to admit the results are quite impressive. In fact, the results are prrrfect!

If we come to think of it, there are so many characters that are yet to be re-imagined. However, for now, let’s focus on what we have!

So, without wasting another second scroll on below and take a look these pawsome superheroes!

Instagram | DeviantArt | fajareka






Venom Cat


So which Marvel/DC cat superhero would you like to see next?

Share your thoughts in the comments below with us and let us know what comic-book character would you like this talented artist to come up with next! Also, don’t forget to share these smol but powerful little superheroes with your friends!

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