10+ Cat Owners Hugging Their Cats And Their Cats Are Really ‘Enjoying’ It

Wanna hug your cat? Good luck with that.

It’s commonly known that cats don’t like hugs. Though they are AWESOME cuddlers and instant stress relievers, but that’s ONLY if your cat will allow you to squeeze the life out of them. However, in 9/10 cases, your cat will only squirm, scratch, and possibly bite you till you let them go. While we express our love and affection through tightly holding and hugging our cats, it is pretty much equivalent to death for them in reality.

So, if you have a Catto, then you can easily relate to the cats in the following pictures. The reaction of cats in the following pictures is priceless. So scroll on below and witness cats who are not big fans of the “Hug-Your-Cat Day.”


“I swear to Lord Meowth; I will haunt you for eternity.”

“What exactly are you doing to me?!”

“Cut it OUT!”

When you feel the soul leaving your body…

“What have you done?!”

“I can’t breathe. Please, let me go.”

“Woman, I will wreak havoc in your apartment.”

It appears, our beloved grumpy cat was not a big fan of hugs either. Rest in love, Tardar Sauce.

“You are done for, Michelle.”

“Do you think this is a joke?”


“Pls stop.”

“You’re making a mistake, girl.”

*brain freeze*

An actual representation of what will happen if you continue to annoy your fluffy friend.

Can you relate to it? Feel free to drop pictures of you trying to cuddle with your cat in the comments below.

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