Chewy Sends An Oil Painting As Tribute To This Man After His Dog Passed Away

There’s no better feeling than making somebody smile.

After all, at the end of the day, its only the good that we do in this world that matters. Every small gesture, every kind word we say to others matters. So much so that even the pure intention of doing good counts. We might not realize it much, but sometimes our kind words are all that a person needs to hear. Showing compassion and love for others can do wonders, and that’s why we should always promote love and try our absolute best to spread happiness.

A great example of such compassion was recently seen by Chewy’s treatment to one of their customers. Sometime back Joseph Inabnet reached out to Chewy and asked for a refund of an unopened bag of dog food after his beloved dog Bailey passed away. Upon hearing this request what Chewy did in return will instantly make your day.

Scroll down and read below.

After Inabnet requested for a refund, not only did he get his money back, he also received a beautiful oil painting of Bailey by the artist Sharon Lavoie Lamb.

Along with the beautiful portrait of his beloved dog, there was a hand-written message. Here’s what it said:

After receiving such a heartwarming message, Inabnet decided to publicly thank and appreciate Chewy for all their efforts and love!

Here’s a picture of Inabnet with Bailey.

His post inspired other dog owners to share their experiences too. Here’s a 6-year-old, Great Dane named Jack.

When the Stack family lost Jack, they called Chewy to refund dog food similarly. In return, Chewy gave them back their money and asked them to donate his dog food to a shelter. They offered their condolences and also sent them flowers.

Well, Chewy is definitely doing a great job, and we are happy to see how they treat their customers like family. Let’s all learn from their example and try to be kind to others. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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