Woman’s Post About College Admission Scandal Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

The recent college admission’s scandal has taken the internet by storm!

If you already didn’t know, “dozens” of people including two actresses, more than 33 parents and other facilitators have been found guilty in the recent college admission’s scandal. This whole situation has made headlines everywhere in the past couple of days as the legal proceedings against all the culprits are underway.

Image Credits: Washington Post

In light of the ongoing situation, a writer named Jamie Leigh decided to unveil the corrupt system of our society by doing a complete breakdown of how the elite class corrupts the whole system using their connections and wealth. According to her, “the whole system is rigged,” and that “there is no such thing as meritocracy.”

You might find all this a bit too biased or harsh right now, but believe me, once you take a look at how she has explained everything in complete depth and how she used the concept of “the domino effect” in perfect synchrony; you will most likely end up agreeing with her.

Read the following in sequence.

Here’s what Jaime Leigh posted on Facebook.

There is rigging on every level.

No wonder why we don’t see competent personnel in higher positions anymore!

I never thought about that.

There is just no end to it.

They don’t care about education. They just want the false recognition.

This is a lot to absorb, but it definitely makes sense.

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