10+ Times When Restuarants Had A Savage Comeback For Negative Reviews

People just love to spout nonsense.

After all, they have the anonymity and just sit behind their monitor screen lying through their teeth. While most businesses don’t reply to these made up reviews, some just get tired and decide to respond with proof.

I am well aware that you should never reply to an inflammatory comment on the Internet, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself, especially when you have cold hard facts on your side. That is precisely what these restaurants have.

So that is why when people decided to lie about their experience and give a bad Yelp review, rather than taking it, these restaurants said enough was enough and gave a savage reply.

Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit | World Wide

#1 Not even open yet.

#2 Cracked out.

#3 Fake review.

#4 Late breakfast.

#5 Playground.

#6 Bad seafood.

#7 Stock image maggot.

#8 Imaginary lobster.

#9 Single and married.

#10 Rude bartender.

#11 Charging up.

#12 Disgruntled employee.

#13 Infestation of ants.

#14 Licking the toppers.

#15 Bad day.

#16 Substitute pizza.

#17 So tacky.

#18 Chicken Tikka for 4.

#19 Irish music.

#20 Confused with cheeses.

#21 Utterly delicious meat.

#22 Cockroaches everywhere.

#23 Annoying attitude.

So before writing a negative review, think that you might be ruining a business just because you were having an off day. While it might not seem like a big deal to you, it is their livelihood.

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