10+ Hilarious Comics That Describe What It Is Like To Have A Pet Bird

Birds are delightful!

It’s popularly believed that birds are easier to care for than any other pets. That’s not very true though. Ask anybody who owns a bird as a pet. The internet is full of comics about funny cats and dogs. Birds usually don’t get the spotlight to flaunt their beautiful feathers in ink. And we’ve only ever scratched the surface of how hilarious birds can be. Artist Cynthia revealed the glory of a bird to us all through her comics. The comics are about her pet cockatiel, Buddy, who is as cute as any pet cat or dog.

“They are largely real incidents, based either on Buddy himself, or experiences I’ve had with other birds in my life” Cynthia told Bored Panda.

Cynthia’s cockatiel is hilarious.

“People tell me it helps them with depression and helps get them through bad days, and I’m grateful to be able to help” she said.

It does everything any normal pet would do. For instance, when you’ll try and take a perfect picture of your fascinating pet, it will most likely not ever happen. And like any other pet cat, your pet bird won’t let you get your work done. But, above it all, pet birds are a bundle of joy!

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1. Photo fail.

2. Priorities.

3. The problem with pellets.

4. The cockatiel petting guide.

5. Dry bird smell vs. wet bird smell.

6. Preening yoga poses.

7. Bird print.

8. Dance of release.

9. The shape of birds.

10. The gourmet.

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