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  • 15 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Almost Too Real

    Brian Gordon is the artist behind Fowl Language While the comics involve little profanity, they certainly are hilarious. They revolve around ducks (hence fowl) and they’re absolutely hilarious. As a father himself, Gordon  knows what it’s like to deal with children, and he’s even created some comics inspired from his own life about parenthood. He stated: “My […] More

  • 15 Situations Every Girl Can Relate to

    From confusing period pain to literal death, there are many situations girls come across. Most of them aren’t exclusive to their gender either. But some definitely are. Such as: Nevertheless, Brightside illustrated a bunch of situations that almost everyone can relate with! #1 Buying groceries #2 Misjudging the weather #3 Learning to say no #4 […] More

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  • Having A Baby VS Having A Cat

    Theoatmeal is a fantastic comic artist They create equally thought-provoking, hilarious, and amusing comics. One of them weighs the pros and cons of having a baby vs having a cat. Don’t get me wrong, babies are adorable, but they can be a real handful sometimes.And cats can be trained, but if you try to train a […] More

  • Disney Illustrator Imagines A Life With A Pet Octopus, And It’s Just Too Adorable (10+ Pics)

    Brian Kesinger is a story artist for Disney He works at at Walt Disney Animation Studios to create plot and characters that we all inevitably fall in love with. But that’s not all he does. Kesinger has something extra up his sleeve. He’s also the author and illustrator of Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated […] More

  • If Disney Movies Featured The Police

    Ever wonder why the police never saved Cinderella? The stepmother is a child-abuser and Scar murdered Mufasa. Where were the police? They should have arrested them immediately! For plot convenience, they had to make sure that police were nonexistent. So, Paul Westover, an illustrator for College Humor, created these tiny little comics of popular Disney […] More

  • He Has Been Drawing A Comic Every Day For His Girlfriend For 5 Years

    Pete is a boyfriend and a father His long-time partner, Kellie, received illustrations of their daily lives every day. Pete would recreate incidents they’ve had in their lives as honestly as possible and it’s just adorable. The crude humour combined with loving cuteness is fascinating, and not just for me. For the most part, Kellie […] More

  • 12 Hilarious Relatable Cartoons About Life As A Young Mum

    Some people don’t realise how hard it is to be a mom. Especially a young mom. Whenever I see posts on the internet about motherhood, they usually include flower crowns, a calm sleeping baby, or a nicely dressed mom holding a smiling happy baby. It really isn’t that way. Becoming a mom takes blood and […] More

  • 10+ Hilariously Painful Comics About Shaving That Only Women Will Truly Understand

    Women are held to a different standard than men. Which is pretty obvious, since, you know, men and women aren’t the same. And that’s not to say that one is better than the other either. Nevertheless, there are some social double standards that women have to deal with, especially concerning shaving. And artists all over […] More