Crazy Story: This Guy Finds Out That His GF Has Been Cheating On Him Through The Amazon Alexa

Technology is not on our side.

No matter how much you wish it to be. I mean when the time comes ,and the likes of Alexa gain consciousness, they are probably going to enslave all of us. But right now the robots are happy just to see us fight with each other and cause drama.

And no, I am not paranoid. How else do you explain this guy finding out that his girlfriend was cheating on him? Coincidence? Yeah right! You might want to sit down for this one because shit about to get real.

It all started when Mike wanted to listen to ‘Kodak radio’.

But it all went downhill from there.

Mike, however, got a genius idea.

And it sure got quite juicy from here on out.

Maybe Mike overreacted?

And he’s thinking in silence.

Wait, What!?

Mike seems to be quite the genius.

Yah that is an excellent idea.

I know you feel. Sweat is practically trickling into my eyes.

No way! Really!?

She even brought her plastic d*ck?

Does anyone else feel like they’re suffocating?

Umm am I missing something?

Now that might be the most gigantic bomb that has ever been dropped on me.

Now you stop!? After all this!?

I can’t wait any longer!

Why would you do this to us!?

The people want what they want.

Some are even unable to use the washroom until you finish what you started.

You don’t know how much we are ready for this.

We are waiting with bated breath.

What do you want!?

Do you want us to beg?

It might blow up soon enough.

We are still not sure, if she will ever finish this story. Maybe the story is destined to be left incomplete. How do you think it ended? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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