Guy Got Messed Up Pizza But They Way He Reacts Proves Is Too Pure

I was starting to lose faith in humanity.

After all, there are so many stories on Reddit dedicated to the worst in humanity, ranging from entitled people stories to choosing beggers. That is probabaly why it is nice to see a post about how some humans still have some decency left in them, especially when it comes to the service industry.

While people always love to remind the worker that the ‘customer is always right,’ customers are not actually always right. Surprising right? Anyway, people love to dehumanise service workers and look down upon them. Not this guy though! We should all learn something from him.

Scroll on below and take a look at how the conversation between a restaurant and a customer went since his pizza looked utterly trashed.

What did the driver do with the pizza? Jump on it?

Wow, I personally would never turn down pizza.

That sounds like a fair punishment.

They even sent a photo as proof!

At least the pizza tasted great, so there is that.

People had a lot to say about the pizza and the customer.

Maybe he dropped it upside down?

Or perhaps it was a really cheesy pizza.

Oh Wow.


This sounds like the perfect reason.

As it should.

Trying to hide that he is a good person?

This mystery might never get solved.

What’s boggle?

Wouldn’t that be a bit dehumanising?

I can attest to this.

Exactly what I would do.

Wish more people were like this.

  What would you have done in this situation? Comment down below and let us know.

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