Dad Takes Family Cat To Pet Groomer And Totally Ruined It

We can all have bad hair days.

Especially when you cut them very short and then have to go through the weird growing out phase that looks absolutely horrible, and you’d rather just chop it all off again. When this happened to me, I coped with wigs, but cats do not have that luxury.

After all, it is not just their head where they have hair but their whole body. And while I always say that you should rock any hand that you’re dealt, sometimes it is a bit hard. For example, how the cat below looks like an accordion. Maybe I don’t understand avant-garde fashion, but at least the cat doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Scroll on below and take a look at his viral cat.

Source: Twitter | Instagram

This is Oliver, but she didn’t always look like this.

To be honest, she didn’t look too bad.

As you can imagine, the mother isn’t too happy.

But the cat doesn’t look too bothered by it.

Even the doggo wants a photoshoot.

The face needs little something too.

This is a before and after picture.

Can understand.

Is that any better, though?

Very true.


Can’t see the difference.

Art isn’t always easy to understand.

Maybe it was inspired by Tom and Jerry.

Or maybe these earrings?

Would you ever want your cat to look like this? Comment down below and let us know.

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