10+ Dads Who Refused To Keep The Cats

These dads didn’t want a cat.

After all, they make a lot of mess and just lay around all day doing nothing, so why would these parents want them? And while kids always want a pet, parents know better than to grant them their every wish. After all, who is gonna take care of the pet when the kids are at college?

All of these things seem like great reasons to not get a cat. However, as soon as these dads had a cat in their house, their whole demeanour changed and now they take pictures of their cat all day. Some even show their cat different cat videos. Inception much?

So scroll on below and take a look at how these dads did a complete 180.

#1 It’s a very nice shelf indeed.

#2 Always camera ready.

#3 Isn’t that surprising?

#4 Who else was supposed to feed the cat?

#5 ‘Under NO circumstances.’

#6 Just an important photo shoot.

#7 Caught in the act!

#8 This is what I would do if I ever get a cat.

#9 Cats sure do love sleeping on you.

#10 Makes sense.

#11 Still a rat mouth?

#12 And now he is covered with cats.

#13 So many one direction posters though.

#14 A castle for a queen.

#15 Just going to tuck my baby in.

#16 Adorable little bunk beds.

#17 Special seat for a special pet.

#18 Don’t like cats, eh?

#19 Last but not least, cat watching a cat video.

Are your parents not getting you a cat? Don’t worry, just show them adorable pictures of kittens, and that might change their heart.

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