Artist Creates Adorable Comics About Her Daily Life With Her Cat With Special Needs

Cats own us.

I think by now everyone has accepted cats as our overlords and no human can ever dare to rebel against our lords and ladies. That is why living with a cat is much more different than living with a dog.

While dogs love to go for walks, play around and be your companions, cats like to eat, sleep and only come out when they need something from you. (This sound like humans to anyone?) However rude they might be, we still love them because they are our furry babies and we will never let anyone touch a hair of our overlords. And this Swedish artist Missangest draws illustrations of her life with her special needs cat Nils and her rescue dog Luka.

Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram | Facebook

Meet the dynamic duo, Nils and Luka.

#1 Makes sense.

#2 Meanie.

#3 The Lord has approved.

#4 The overlord do what they want.

#5 Should have expected.

#6 The cat would like to differ.

#7 Weak.

#8 And back to sleep we go!

#9 I’ll adopt you maybe.

#10 ‘Small’ dog.

#11 She was just hungry.

#12 The conjoined duo.

#13 That would definitely work.

Do these illustrations perfectly encapsulate how living with a cat is really like? Comment down below and let us know.

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