10+ Really Dark Comics With Some Hilarious Twists That Will Make You Think

They say “Reality is often disappointing.”

But instead the reailty is rather surprising than disappointing. While it’s true that it all comes down to everyone’s perception, the true depth of a situation is sometimes hard to understand. We live in a world where the culprits hide in plain sight, where people wear facades and where it’s difficult to conclude.

To show you what’s happening around us we present you some creepy and funny comics by Edd Lai. These comics are not only creepy but they’re also realistic. In fact, they are so realistic that it would make you re-read these comics and think again. Here’s what Edd Lai said about his work while talking to Bored Panda.

“I have always enjoyed reading, and I like all kinds of books, including graphic novels. But it wasn’t until I was 19 that I started writing. I was lucky to have my novels published by several publishers that were searching for young writers. Since then, I’ve made writing my living, constantly pursuing this profession. I was also commissioned to write several screenplays for movies.”

“[Through my comics], I try to explore the different facades of humanity, highlighting our perception of the world. We tend to label everything we know, but there’s often a difference between the way a thing looks, and the way it is underneath its appearance.”

With that said, scroll on below and take a look at the Edd Lai’s Stories!

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‘Unexpected’ birthday surprises.

Innocent desires.

True love.

Inner voice.


The moment of sudden realisation.

Holding grudges.

Stalling till the very ‘end.’

Deception and trust.

Funny yet scary tricks.

Putting them in their rightful place.

Not knowing the limit to your own strength.

Innocent but deadly.

The naked truth.

Parallel world.

Sometimes ‘sharing’ your sorrow is the only way…

‘Living’ your dreams.

Too much love can be suffocating.

So, were you able to fully comprehend the message behind these seemingly eerie comics? If so, tell us all about it in the comments below.

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