This British Cat’s Twitter Account Documents It’s Daily Life In A Hilarious Way

What if cats could speak?

What would they say? Would they talk about how us humans are wasting our lives? Or would they say that they want more catnip? We don’t know for sure until a scientist gets on this. However, personally, I’m betting that they would say the latter.

Although we don’t have to guess anymore as this British cat has an online diary that is genuinely hilarious, the cat is named Leo, and his Twitter account is aptly named LeosDiaries. So let’s get on with reading tweets of my favourite cat account.

Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

#1 They will come to rescue you any moment now!

#2 Wish that were true for me.

#3 I think your job might get taken.

#4 Such a beautiful and wholesome interaction.

#5 How dare you say such filthy words hooman!

#6 And yet it keeps coming back.

#7 Oh, I am totally not holding a bear costume in a cat size.

#8 How lucky!

#9 I know how you feel.

#10 Simon Cowell, Is that you?

#11 How much does the blep cost?

#12 That is probably more than enough for a cat.

#13 No meetings for today.

#14 Generic brand? For ME? Think again.

#15 No idea at all.

#16 My catnip is definitely better than yours.

#17 No words have ever been more accurate.

What do you think your cat would say if they could speak? Don’t forget to comment down below and let us know.

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