This Adorable Doggo Interrupts A Ceremony In Church In A Wholesome Way

Doggo is in the house!

There’s a first time for everything! While this may not be the first time a doggo barged into a church during church service, this was definitely the first time every single person in the hall was happy about it.

You see, a playful pooch somehow managed to enter the church during church service and began clinging to the Priest’s leg. To everyone’s surprise, the Priest handled the situation really well by giving the poor little dog exactly what it was looking foraffection and love.

Priest, José Geraldo Sobreira, did not only act in the right way, but he also won the hearts of millions as the whole scene was captured on camera and made viral within hours! Scroll on below and take a look at what happened.


Meet the Priest and the good boy!

While talking to Bored Panda, the communication advisor said “It happened during the Sunday Mass at 9 a.m., a puppy got lost in the street and entered the church. The animal was on a leash, which indicates that he was a domestic animal.”

Is this the cutest picture or what?

“He entered the church after Mass had already begun. He went up to the altar, bit and pulled the towels from the altar, destroyed some flower arrangements, even the priest wanted him to leave,” he added.

“While the readings were being read, and all were seated, the dog wanted to play with the priest, biting and pulling his robes,” the adviser said.

“The priest explained to the audience that [the dog] was a little boy and that he wanted to play.”

“After the Mass, one person picked up the dog, and when he came down the avenue of Contour, a homeless person recognised the dog and knew who it belonged to. Upon being returned, we learned that the dog’s owner has Alzheimer’s. Soon his daughter recognised him too and said, “Thank God!” We learned that the puppy’s name is Herman.”

Watch the full video below:

Geplaatst door Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores op Zondag 2 juni 2019

As you can expect, the internet totally loved it.

“Purest soul in the Church.”

It looks like we are all in agreement.

The Priest has definitely set a good example for us.

All the people who attended Church that day were definitely lucky as we don’t get to see things like these every day.

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