10+ Dogs Who Repeatedly Do The Same Funny Thing Over And Over Again

Dogs will never fail to entertain us.

Though we already know just how silly and goofy dogs can be, sometimes they completely surprise us with their hilarious acts. To show you exactly what we mean, we have compiled the following tweets where these dogs have a strange but funny habit of repeating a similar pattern over and over again.

Also, not only is this hilarious, but it also shows how dogs never forget anything. That’s probably why they are so loyal to us. They remember the kindness of others and they are honestly very grateful creatures.

So, scroll on below and see what these dogs are doing on a regular basis!

Via: Twitter

Searching the same bush on every walk.

Close inspection of the Magic Pie Bush.

He protecc, he attacc but most importantly he wait for the naughty catt!

What a scene that would be!

Oh yes, Dogs and Squirrels, of course.

This is actually cute.

Magic Sky Food!

What’s up with Dogs and Squirrels?!

That’s a long time!

Doggo must protect hooman from evil Pigeon!

They have a really good memory.

Dogs always remember.

This is sad and funny both at the same time.

We really don’t deserve dogs; they’re too pure.

Has your dog ever shown any of these signs? Let us know in the comments below.

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