10+ Signs From Donald Trump’s UK Visit That Shows How He Is Not Making America Great At All

Donald Trump is a controversial character, to say the least.

Yes, I am well aware that I called him a character, and I stand by it. While it has become a ‘thing’ to hate Donald Trump, you have to admit he isn’t doing anything for people actually to like him. From racist remarks to just being a generally awful human being, the list of what he has done wrong is endless.

So that is probably why when Donald Trump decided to visit the UK with his wife, the Brits did not have it. While I consider the British to be a friendly bunch, that did not stop them from coming out in the streets, Even the introverts were out and about which says a lot about Donald Trump.

That is why we have chosen some of our favorite signs that capture Donald Trump’s personality perfectly. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Lacking warmth.

#2 No walls.

#3 The social introverts.

#4 Paying for a babysitter.

#5 Litter.

#6 The numbers don’t lie.

#7 The good biscuits.

#8 Free fish guts.

#9 Always say please.

#10 USS John.

#11 Not enough space.

#12 Compromise.

#13 Why are corgi’s being punished?

#14 Impeach him indeed.

#15 And that is saying something.

#16 Myth busters.

#17 Oi.

#18 No perhaps in this one.

#19 Orange baby.

#20 Farting, talking animatronic.

#21 Or maybe behind a wall?

#22 Even Gen Z is here.

#23 Bad at golf.

#24 Knitters at work.

#25 And much more likable.

#26 That is his motto!

#27 Well the guy is certainly down with it.

#28 Very true.

#29 This is a disgrace.

#30 Had to Google this one.

Which one of these signs is your favorite? Don’t forget to comment down below and let us know.

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