10+ Dumb AF Vegans Who Just Need To Stay Away From Internet

There is nothing wrong with being a vegan.

Quite the opposite actually, the environment and the animals thank you for it but the thing is you cannot act like you’re better than other people just because you don’t eat meat. People wonder why so many of us hate vegans. It is not that people hate all vegans, it’s just the preachy annoying ones that besmirch all the vegans.

So today we are going to get some of these annoying vegans off of their high horses. If you are a vegan, that is great! But please don’t push it into others faces, nobody likes it being waved around. So scroll on below and take a look at some of these pushy vegans.

#1 How can you even compare the two?

Via fishpie2

#2 Even her mother finds it repetitive.

Via Velxon

#3 So animal lives matter more than humans?

Via Challa6

#4 I would love to see you trying to kill a lion or even a crocodile.

Via Velxon

#5 I don’t know, eating meat 50 times a day sounds great to me.

Via theotherblewis

#6 Ah, there is one!

Via notenoughfoodporn

#7 I don’t fully agree with this but whatever.

Via Avi88

#8 So women are equal to animals then?

Via Vinccool96

#9 Yah vegans definitely know better than a doctor.

Via TheCynical22

#10 I’ve never heard a person go ‘eww’ at vegan food, but maybe I’m sitting in the wrong circle.

Via PappaJew

#11 Vegans are fine but a flat earther. Really?

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