This Facebook Group Where Everyone Pretends To Be Baby Boomers Is Hilarious

Baby Boomers should prepare to be offended.

Then again, I don’t think they would ever read this so maybe not. I know that everyone loves to talk sh*t about millennials as to how they are always engrossed in their phones and how ‘our times used to be so much better’.

This usually comes from baby boomers. However, you should always look at yourself first before judging other people because let’s be honest, baby boomers don’t do that well on social media or anywhere on the Internet to be precise. Now I don’t know who came up with the idea to create a facebook page where people talk like baby boomers, but it exists, and I love it.

Following are some of the funniest posts on this page. And I should warn you there is going to be a LOT of spelling and grammatical errors ahead. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

I suppose we are in for a delight.

Can definitely see Tom.

It happens.

Don’t forget to pray.

Is that the pride flag?

Same here.

What is the second abomination?

Can’t forget the men.

Ah yes, the infamous biscuits.

Send prayers.

Wishes that solve everything.

Try Goggle perhaps?

I think you figured out engojis.

Maybe he is goggles?

Are the ants in his bed?


Can’t forget the gifs.

The best ones.

They want funny pictures.

That is hilarious.

I think $2 is too much.

That hand is of satin!


I can relate.

Maybe she means bob the plumber?

Ah yes, some ‘flirting’.

I am well aware that most of these posts make no sense.

Then again, when do baby boomers actually make sense?

What are your thoughts on this group? Do you think it is unacceptable to humiliate baby boomers like this? Comment down below and let us know.

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