This Person Perfectly Shuts Down A Pro-lifer Who Called Them A Murderer

The concern ends when the baby is born.

At least that seems to be true for many anti-abortionists. I understand that these pro-life people claim that life is sacred and we should not ‘waste’ it. However, they seem to forget that not everyone has the resources to take care of a baby. And that is just one example. People get abortions for many reasons incuding assault, medical issues etc.

Is it better to die while giving birth to a baby so that ‘sacred life’ can be preserved? However, many people seem to forget this and only care about life until the baby is born and then they can no longer bother to help.

That is why when an anti-abortionist calls you a murderer, you should definitely respond the way this girl did. Scroll on below and take a look.


Great way to start a conversation.

You don’t understand? I am honestly not surprised.

People like you, perhaps?

That would be much more reasonable, no?

So, now it’s the parent’s responsibility?

Don’t think this woman will be messaging you again.

But pro-life people seem to forget that.


And this women deserved it.

Very true.

It’s no use arguing with these kind of people.

Because she had no logic behind her ‘principle’.

Quite the rollercoaster.

As many people do these days.

That is a fact.

This will probabaly be in the top ten.

Sad but true.

I am glad that some people are changing.

That is never going to happen.


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