Guy Living With Two Female Roommates Shares Some ‘Eye-Opening’ Facts & Girls Will Feel Personally Attacked

Understanding a girl is not easy.

But that might be because sometimes even we don’t understand ourselves. You see, male and females have different habits. So it is to be expected that having a female roommate can be surprising for some.

While I am not trying to generalize whole genders, you have to admit. Male and female roommates are entirely different. So when United Kingdom-based musician Craig Shapes started living with his girlfriend and her best friend…

He realized a lot of things about girls that he didn’t know before. Now, I am sure he is not trying to offend anyone so take his thread as it is. His personal experience of living with females.

Meet Craig Shapes.

So, following are the 15 new things he learned from living with his girlfriend and her best mate:

And so it starts.

#1 No privacy.

#2 Girls poop too.

#3 Bathing in hair clips.

#4 Getting ready.

#5 Candles everywhere.

#6 Keeping up with reality shows.

#7 Eyebrows on #fleek.

#8 Everyday is a cheat day.

#9 Pros at Instagram stalking.

#10 Dressing gowns for days.

#11 Impromptu dancing.

#12 ‘Everything is a massive drama.’

#13 Everything has to be perfect.

#14 Shared wardrobe.

#15 Hair is everywhere.

However, he went to say that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

And that he loves his roommates.

He was kind enough to provide a picture of both of these amazing girls.

Think he missed something from the list? If so, why not comment down below and let us know?

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