10+ People Caught Faking It And It Backfired Brutally

Who knew a simple saying would backfire like this?

Clearly not these people. While this saying sounds very upbeat and motivational, it can have some side-effects if you follow it to the T. How you ask? Well, the following instances are great examples of people ‘ruining’ or ‘hindering’ their lives just because they said a little white lie.

So, next time when you say this to your friend who is down on their luck, don’t forget that it can always backfire. The following is how Redditors responded when they were asked to share their experiences.

So, scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit

#1 Sadly, I have thought of doing this many times.

#2 That must have been a surprise for them.

#3 That is quite sneaky.

#4 Been there, done that.

#5 Many people do this to be more ‘stable’.

#6 That is quite sad.

#7 At least you got out.

#8 I think every parent goes through this.

#9 Well, ain’t he smart!

#10 Don’t forget to relay that awkward conversation to Reddit.

#11 At least you tried?

#12 I need to know more though.

#13 So what was her response?

#14 Very confusing but got the gist of it.

#15 Well, that is just embarassing.

#16 Your first job can be the hardest for you to adapt to.

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