Business Owner Calls Out A Fake Yelp Review About Racism And Puts The Yelper In His Place

People love to call each other out.

For being racist, sexist, extreme feminists and countless other ists. However, some of these people are just lying and hide behind the Internet. That is what this Yelper was trying to do. By calling an employee racist even though the customer was in the wrong.

However, the business owner was not gonna let an a**hole ruin his business or his employee’s reputation, so he responded with the perfect response you can think of while also giving him zero stars. To be honest, business owners should also be able to review customers and like.

Scroll on below and take a look at this review.

Source: Reddit

This is the fake review that started it all.

But the business owner responded right away and cleared up the whole situation.

It turns out the customer is not always right. Who would’ve thought?

I hope that yelp includes this feature in the near future.

And to top it all off, this guy even included a hilarious message in Spanish.

Not so racist now, eh?

For all the Spanish community, I assure you that you are welcome here. For tribute to the fake George, we are offering a 15% discount to anyone who can read this message and want to trust that we are on the right side.

For your discount code, simply enter “GeorgeIsALiar” when you make your reservation. Thank you very much!

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